Triund trek – Picturesque view of the Dhauladhar range


triund trek
Triund hill is a huge grassland situated at height of 2850 meters. Triund hill offers you a picturesque view of the Dhauladhar mountain range.
dhauladhar view from triunddhauladhar view from triund
Triund is a beginner level trek. It can be done over a weekend and it’s even possible to complete in a single day. The whole pathway is well defined with steep inclinations accompanied by descending trails. You will find arrows and markings to guide you to the top.
trund trek difficulty
Triund trek embraces forest areas, big old oak tress, plants and you will definitely get to pet mountain dogs. Goats and sheep are also common on the trek.
Triund trek is the one of most popular places to visit in mcleodganj.
triund trek distance


Triund hill is approximately 9 kilometers from Mcleodganj. Gallu Temple is the starting point of trekking to triund and the distance to triund hill top is less that 6.5 kilometers.
Trekking can be completed in 4 to 5 hours, if done at a moderate pace.


Triund trek can be done by people of all ages. Generally people start this trek from Gallu Temple but you can start the trek from Mcleodganj itself. Taxi service service is available till Gallu Temple from Mcleodganj. If you start from Mcleodganj you will have to walk across the city, then Dharamkot and reach Gallu Temple. At police check post they will count all the plastic wrappers, bottles you are carrying and then you can proceed with the trek. There are 2 cafe’s midway and offer a magical view of the valley. You can sip in Tea Coffee and enjoy the mesmerizing view from there.
magic view cafe triund trek
The first 4.5 kilometers are not that steep and easy to cover. The last 1 or 1.5 kilometers are particularly very steep. This part of the trek tests endurance and i hope you would not need to take much breaks. This is the second cafe and from here triund top is just 800 meters.
triund trek cafe
On reaching the top you will be welcomed by these breathtaking views, just relax and stare at the Dhauladhar mountains for a while, it will not bite.
triund trek top view
triund trek clouds mountains
triund trek guest house
dhauladhar view from triunddhauladhar view from triund


If you are planning to stay at night on Triund top, you have ample and adventurous options to stay.
My personal favorite is to carry my own tent and pitch it on the top. You can rent a tent from the local people working up there. Tent availability is directly proportional to the crowd trekking. To have a hassle free stay, i would suggest to book the tent from Mcleodganj itself.
triund trek
You can also book government guest house at triund top but that is not an fun option. First of all you need to book it way ahead of your travel plan and it is just a room again, come onnnnn.
triund trek top government guest house


1. Torch, its pitch black till the moon shines.
2. Trekking shoes.
3. Sleeping bag if not comfortable with used ones.
4. Carry a jacket for night if summers.
5. Carry all the jackets at home if winters, its going to be chilled out there.
6. Water bottles: – Refill if you see water on the way. Do not worry its clean.
7. Power bank: If you are going click a lot of pictures, and please keep the phone on flight mode. Appreciate the beauty of the mountains. STOP TEXTING.
8. Extra clothing if in case you fall or it rains.
9. Rain coat.


1. Ticket: – Depends from where you are travelling.
2. Hotel in Mcleodganj: – Starts from 400/- to the depth of your pocket.
3. Tent at triund hill: – 500 per person. Options are available for double and triple sharing.
4. Food at triund hill: – 200 to 300 per person ( dinner and breakfast will be provided ) + beverages and snacks on the way say 100. Water bottle itself costs 60/- rupees at triund top.


This trek is known for its beauty. The experience has to be amazing, there is no other option. It is an easy trek with some difficult steep pathways on the way. There are so many breathtaking views on the way and when you reach the top the view is just amazing. You just traveled 6.5 kilometers and compared to that the view is just astounding. Triund trek offers you with a lifetime experience.
Star gazing is the best thing to do here at night. I have been to triund many times and shooting stars is a common sight. Bonfire will enhance the experience and wait for moon to rise. The snow on Dhauladhar shining under the light of moon will be both scary and picturesque. For a moment you will definitely feel very tiny compared to what surrounds you.
It gets very chilly out there in winters and temperature can go subzero plus winds. Now just imagine the level of cold, it is an experience that cannot be shared in words. In summer time temperature will still fall to 5 degrees Celsius, so a jacket or a warmer is needed.

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